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Anlaby House has moved from Blogspot to WordPress.

I’ve followed my friends Sandie and Catherine over to WordPress. I’ve also created a new blog for my DH called 61010 Wildebeeste, which for the unitiated, is the name of one of his favourite steam engines. I will leave my old blog Anlabyhouse where it is for the moment but anybody with a link to my old blog will need to change it to this new one.



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Flowering Cherry Trees in Anlaby Road, Hull, Yorkshire

We called our house “Anlaby” because my husband originally comes from Hull in Yorkshire, England and spent his childhood in a house just off Anlaby Road which runs from the centre of Hull to the village of Anlaby which sadly has now been swallowed up by suburbia, although it still keeps it’s village characteristics. Anlaby Road has these gorgeous pink flowering Cherry trees growing on both sides of the road and down the middle of the duel carriageway. In the Spring they are a mass of blossoms but no leaves and would lend themselves perfectly to crazy quilted seams as sprays or to the centre of patches as pink trees with almost black trunks and stems but not a smidgeon of green leaves.
Flowering Cherry Trees in Anlaby Road

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Visual Journal

I have been adding photos to my visual journal. I started it on January 1 in a hard covered art-paper book from the local art shop. I’m using it to record new ideas, to stick pictures and photos of inspirational content, whether it be colour, stitchery or ribbon embroidery and to sketch my own stitch ideas for crazy quilting. So far, I’ve included photos of each of the 5 UFOs I’ve finished so far this year, patterns for small tatting motifs both scanned and downloaded, photos of my blank blocks which have been sent interstate in a DYB swap (one per page so I’ve got room to put a photo of each block once it comes back completed), instructions and templates for healing heart blocks, actual experimental samples of embroidery, tatting, smocking, dyeing lace motifs and velvet embossing. I love my visual diary because it keeps me thinking creatively (you have to be creative to find something new EVERY day) and on top of things. I bought a book that was an inch thick with 100 pages and I’m already 1/3rd the way through it after only six weeks. In a year I’ll have filled approximately 400 pages with pictures, sketches, photos, actual samples of work and notes on new ideas if I keep going at this rate…….and in ten years……..???


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Introducing Me

At last I have my own blog so I can record the ups and downs of my creative side. My normal side is totally sane and conservative which is how my parents always wanted me to be but my creative side? Well, that’s a different thing altogether! I love crazy quilting because it encompasses all my other favourite crafts such as embroidery, smocking and patchwork. I can incorporate my love of genealogy by including photos of my family which have been printed on fabric and also I can add beads, buttons, charms and bits of wire and other 3D doo-dads.

I love antique textiles, especially lace and lace motifs and like to include them when I can into my crazy quilting and also into embroidery projects.

Fortunately, my husband is obsessed by railways – both real steam and modelling – always London and North East Railways though, so he understands my obsession with textiles and crazy quilts.

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