This blog is about myself, my family, my friends and my two favourite hobbies – Crazy Quilting and Genealogy. I inherited my love of sewing from my Mother, she inherited it from her Mother, so it seems only fitting that they be included in my blog. Sometimes I just like to sit and muse about my day to day life happening whether they be happy or sad, other times I would rather show what I’ve been making or sewing and how I did it. If you are into Crazy Quilting, please stop for a while and check out the eye candy which I gather from all over the place, not just my own cq projects.

I am married and live in a suburb of Perth in Western Australia. My husband Eddie is a railway enthusiast, interested in anything to do with steam engines but mainly LNER, NER and BR North Eastern Region. He is a member of the Australian Model Railway Association in Western Australia and now that he is retired, he hopes to do more modelling for his own lay-out. He has a blog called 61010 Wildebeeste although he has yet to started blogging in it.

Together, we have three sons, two daughters, one son-in-law, a grand-daughter and a grandson.  Our family all live close by so we see them all often, which is wonderful.  We try to visit Eddie’s lovely Mum who lives in Hull, Yorkshire, every three or four years and also catch up with our many UK friends at the same time.  I will be able to do more blogging once I have finished full-time work in June 2008 – roll on June 2008!!!!


3 responses to “ABOUT ME

  1. Vivian, I nominated you for the “Nice Matters” blog award. Please check my blog for details.I can’t seem to find your addy in my address book so I had to write you here.Sorry,Pat

  2. Elizabeth Burling

    Dear Vivienne,
    I was just wondering if you are the same Vivienne Garforth who posted a query on a rootsweb page some time ago about Burlings from Upminster?
    I tried to reply using the address given there but it just pinged back.
    Please excuse me writing to you here but you know what genealogy is like – I was desperate to swap info with you!
    best wishes

  3. Sharon Kearns

    Hi Vivienne,

    Several years ago we made contact regarding a joint ancestor in Amelia Talkington.Torkington.

    Have been trying to use last know email address but get returned.
    Hope to hear from you soon

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