Glamourous Postcard with the Glitz added……

I have had a lovely weekend finishing off my Glamour and Glitz postcard, mostly adding “Glitz” in the way of beads, sequins, silver, silver/gold and cerise pink sparkly threads. The tiny black beads around the lady’s neck are from the same era that she is…….I think 1900 – 1912 time. I really enjoyed adding the glitz to the glamour even though a lot of my friends thought it was fine as it was!!!!  Unfortunately, the scanner has killed off a lot of the sparkle, for instance the leaves around the two diamante flowers are actually a very sparkly silver and gold twisted Kreinik fine braid not a light fawn colour as shown.  I’m happy with my lady anyway and she will go into my frame at the other end of the same row as my little boy with the candle,  separated by the blue floral postcard.  I have no idea at this stage what next week’s postcard will be………???Glamour and Glitz Postcard finished.



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7 responses to “Glamourous Postcard with the Glitz added……

  1. Faye Dianne

    Oh Viv, this one has been beautifully finish off… Great work, again.
    hugz – Faye

  2. Beautiful card. The colors, the era, the beads…WOW! Very nice.

  3. Rose Anne

    OMGG Vivienne that is just TOO BEAUTIFUL to send away!!! I thought the first one was awesome but now you’ve just blown my mind totally!!! I sure hope you are making one to keep for yourself my dear! That is a “treasure” that is for sure! I would DIE to receive it (well maybe not cause then I’d not be able to enjoy it!).

    Hugs, Rose Anne

  4. Viv, I have gone back and forth between the two several times trying to make up my mind. Whereas I thought the ‘unadorned’ glamorous lady was complete as she was I now see that adding to her glamour, “glitzed” her to the max!!!! You truly know how to make the most of a design possibility!!!!!!!!!

  5. Just gorgeous Viv, it looked beautiful not embellished, and even more so embellished.

  6. crazyqstitcher

    Viv, you are an Artist of the 1st degree.

    This lady is beautiful and the setting perfect.


  7. your postcards are awesome! Of course you took glitz to another level!

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