“Hot Tropics” postcard

I don’t really know why this postcard evokes an image of “hot tropics” for me because (a) I’ve never spent any time in the tropics and (b) I doubt that there would be flowers that colour anywhere, let alone the tropics! Every time I look at it, I think and feel the same thing so while I can’t explain it, that’s what it is going to have to be called.

Blue Flowers postcard
I began this one with a background of silk paper which I made ages ago covered with a layer of black tule into which I machine stitched long leaf shapes. Then I satin-stitched around the edge with a primary coloured variegated cotton before I cut back the surplus black tule so that I only had the leaves and the background silk paper. I tried various ideas but none of them worked until when I was rummaging through the boxes in my studio I found two bright blue material artificial roses and the colour fairly shouted at me to use it. I pulled one of the roses to pieces until I finished up with four flower shapes and a plastic centre. Even ironing the petal shapes didn’t completely flatten them so I still finished up with slightly puffy 3D flowers . Because they didn’t fray around the edges, it meant that I only had to chain stitch around them to keep them in place. I rather liked the way that they overlapped the satin-stitched edge of the postcard so I left them there and added some bright green leaves which were cut from a green dyed silk rod, so they didn’t fray either. All it needed then was a wrapped satin stitched stem, yellow beads in the centre of each flower and straight stitches in a dark blue Kreinik fine braid for the stamens on the petals.  Easy peasey but very effective and it will go in my postcard frame next to the pale coloured “Goodnight” postcard.

This photo shows the postcard and one of the squished fabric roses which I pulled apart.

Blue rose and postcard


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  1. I love this postcard! I have not tried them yet and looking at yours has made me put it on my “to do soon” list.

    I will be back soon to visit.

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