Glamour and Glitz postcard

Some of the ladies on one of the lists I am on have joined to share a postcard swap with the subject being “Glamour and Glitz”. Unfortunately full-time work commitments (oh, how I hate them!) mean that I don’t have the time to make multiple postcards for the swap but I still wanted to feel part of the action so I’ve chosen it as my challenge for this week. I hope you don’t mind, Catherine???

 Glamour and glitz postcard
I’ve been tossing ideas around in my head ever since my friend Catherine suggested the theme and found it difficult because it is wa-a-a-a-y out of my comfort zone. I was thumbing through some silk and cotton prints and spotted a very glamourous lady from the early 20th century – well, that solved “glamour”, now for “glitz”! When my friend Mary Lewis was staying here from New South Wales, we went op-shopping and Mary found a very bad taste jacket in St Vinnies – sparkly silver, black and exactly the right shade of cerise pink to match the lady’s belt. Being good friends, everything we bought that day, we cut in half and shared (thank Heavens or I wouldn’t have that fabric)……..

I put the lady slightly off-centre on the Timtex backing and stitched a strip of fabric on each side of her. I tried lots of different materials on the top and bottom and finally decided on some black metallic “velvet-pile” type fabric for the bottom but black was too heavy for the top………another problem. I tried silver (too bright), grey (too dull), a sheer black with silver stripes (too fine) and in the end I used the black sheer with silver stripes over the plain silver lame and it seemed to create the right balance.

So, apart from two very sparkly diamante earrings which I bought in an op-shop in England and which Eddie very kindly filed the screw-on backs off, I have absolutely no idea at this stage what I am going to do in the way of embellishments for this postcard!!



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6 responses to “Glamour and Glitz postcard

  1. As if I would mind Viv. Love the lady – she is just stunning and very, very glamourous (sorry can’t spell). I’m sorry work gets in the way, but I am glad you are joining in the fun of this swap in your own way. I am seriously going to look for some of those ladies – I can see them being used in lots of things….vbg.



  2. I love your glamour and glitz lady. Just the right touch!

  3. Your card is perfect I think the you framed the lady just right. That would be way out of my comfort zone. You did great.

  4. Rose Anne

    WOW she is just gorgeous!!! Well as for embellishments – I thought it was finii already! I’d just leave it as is if I were you. Way to go girl!

    Rose Anne

  5. Faye Dianne

    Oh Viv, you are really getting good at these postcards, just love this one too… time to soooo precious isn’t it, but at least this way, they are unique aren’t they.
    hugz – Faye

  6. Viv, like Rose Anne, I think she is finished just as she is!

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