I’ve Been Tagged By Sharon Boggon

meI’ve been tagged by Sharon Boggon so now I have to divulge seven things about myself that my friends may or may not know…………I really need to think about this one!

1. I am passionate about embroidery and crazy quilting and have been ever since I could hold a needle at about four years of age. My Mum taught my sister and I to sew on her old Singer treadle machine and I made my first dress which I wore to school when I was eight.

2. I think I must have been born about 120 years too late because I love anything Victorian. I love cream lace, faded silk flowers, old christening gowns, muted embroidery thread colours, crocheted d’oylies, tatting, smocking and pincushion dolls.

3. I guess I’m a bit of a greenie because we use power saving light-bulbs, water saving shower-heads and recycle all sorts of stuff in our house. We try to turn off light switches and power switches when not in use, don’t use a heater unless our feet are frozen and shop with calico bags.

4. I started work in a government office in Perth in 1964 and met my future husband there. I married, had three children and here I am, forty three years later working in a government office about 200 yards from the previous one with the same man who has been my ex-husband for 20 years. I feel as if I have gone around in a complete circle……..

5. Believe it or not, I love Country and Western music, old traditional hymns, some 1960s R & R, some quiet Classical music but I can’t stand jazz or heavy classics or modern music!!

6. My studio is my sacred place. Where I have ME time, I love the smell of the material in the boxes, of the new carpet, the old laces and threads – I love everything in there!

7. This is so hard. Ummm………I can’t decide whether I like Western Australia or Yorkshire in England the best. I was born in one place, Eddie was born in the other and we have spent quite a bit of time visiting my mother-in-law who still lives in Hull. Hull and Perth are two very special places for me and I have some wonderful friends in both of them. However, my kids and stepkids and grandkids live in Perth so I guess that’s the place for me – I’d be lost without them.

That’s it. End of story.



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3 responses to “I’ve Been Tagged By Sharon Boggon

  1. Ati

    Hi Vivian, it seems to me that we have a lot in common šŸ˜‰
    Your point 1,2,3,5,6 could be written by me. I have been in Yorkshire twice and I think too, it is a lovely county in the UK.
    Your CQ is beautiful, I love the blocks with the pastel colors.
    A lovely granddaughter too šŸ™‚
    I have bookmarked your site, so i will stop by now and then.

  2. I enjoyed reading a little about you that I didn’t know. Which was almost everything! I love the picture of you. So cute!

  3. Love your postcards, they are great. What did impress me is how neat your shelves of “stuff” are. I do try to keep organised, but always seem to have to spend time tidying up everything…
    I know how you feel about Victoriana, I seem to get caught up in that too…should do more so I can improve.

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