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More Katrina Hurricane Relief cq block notebook pages.

This page from my notebook contains simple sketches of ideas for stitching seams and patches on the block. On the left is my original idea for the dancing music and on the right are several sketches showing a Victorian hand charm scattering stars over the block below, which got changed to the hand scattering Purple, Green and gold beads to represent the colours of the Mardi Gras; a suggestion for random smocking and a seam embellishment idea.

Katrina photos 005

The second page shows my “textures” page with sequins, glitter, beads, sparkly threads – all sorts of textures and glitz which represent the carnival type atmosphere of the Mardi Gras and New Orleans Jazz Festival.
Katrina photos 004


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Block for Katrina Hurricane relief.

It is so good to be blogging again after so long away handling real-life situations. I have to thank Sharon Boggon from inaminuteago for inviting me to be a participant in the Crazy Quilt to raise money for the American Red Cross so they can help victims of hurricane Katrina. Now I’m revisiting my much neglected blog as I use it to record my progress on my block.

I couldn’t wait to get cracking on the block so immediately created a little notebook so I can record my ideas and draw my various stitch combinations before I jump in with needle and thread and find out that it doesn’t work! My photos show my notebook open at the “colours” page where I glued pictures cut from the internet, from clip art, magazine cuttings and pieces of fabric.
Katrina photos 002

Then I took a good hard look at the pages noting that I had quite a lot of turquoise, not much yellow, a small area of orange, a bit more hot pink etc and I tried to keep the colour combination on the block to the same proportion.
Katrina photos 001

This photo is of my first completed patch – my Jazz piece! It is simply five lines of black stem stitch with a row of musical charms dancing along them. I think the charms were meant for scrap-booking but they were perfect for my block.
Katrina photos 003

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